Friday, February 12, 2016

Character Day Reflections

Group focused on the character element
of courage. 
Today was a grade-wide character day where we focused on the elements of good character.

Overall it was a great day in that we really had the chance to discuss the attributes of character, and then work with those attributes a bit as students creatively worked on skits and posters. They loved filming each other and as you might imagine got quite silly in the process too which is all apart of the creative process.

The challenge with a day like this is that their creativity and projects often extend to far more time than given and to some executive functioning skills that are just not developed enough to
Creating a logo for  our school
motto, "Kindness Matters."
match the vision of the creators. So what's a teacher to do in this regard?

With quite a few more project days coming up, I'm going to think more about how I scaffold these days providing a successful entry point for all and then lots of laddered extensions for those desiring and ready for the reach.

Also with regard to home study, I want to shorten up the expected work and give more opportunity for enrichment opportunities with regard to project work completion and creative extensions to the required home study.

With the vacation around the corner, and the fact that it was Valentine's Day too, I knew we needed to calm down and leave peacefully so we ended the day by starting the great film, Akeelah and the Bee. Students were very interested in the characters, setting, and story, and it was a great fit for character day since so many
Character Film Cast
elements of character (and some opposite characteristics) were clearly on display. We'll get back to that film after the holiday when we have a chance.

In the meantime, it's time to relax and regroup with family and friends. Happy Vacation Week!

The Perseverance Rap: