Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Employing Math Journals

I've been following Kristin's MathMinds blog. I've also been thinking a lot about math writing. Then recently I was invited to work with Leslie Laud on an SRSD Math Writing project. That got me thinking about the math program for next year and the use of journals.

This year math homework included lots of different online and offline assignments. The size of assignments ranged and students response was variable too. Some did almost all assignments and others did few. 

Next year I'd like to give one simple journal assignment each school night. The assignment will include a problem, task, or explanation. Students will respond with models, numbers, and words. I'll check a few journals each day/night, and we'll discuss the assignment in class the next day. I'll also add enrichment and some short, online skill building work. 

I'm excited about this as I think it will help me to help students employ The Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs) and reach greater depth. I'll offer students the choice of whether they want to create an online or offline journal. The online journal will look like the one depicted below. A sample can be found via this link. The offline journal will follow a similar format. 

I look forward to trying out some of the assignments this year, and adding the journal to the program next year. Let me know if you have any suggestions.