Friday, June 06, 2014

River Days

We began the year with Farm Days, and now we are ending the day with River Days thanks to a grant in conjunction with the Audubon Society.

Students hiked down the wooded path to the river's edge where they scooped, explored, and studied the water's organisms. Next, we hiked Weir Hill and noticed the kettle hole, figured out the age of young pine trees, and sampled soil. After that, we entered the wetland and explored the organisms living in a small pond, and then did tests to compare the pond water and river water. In the end, there was time for play and lunch in the beautiful, local landscape.

This was a terrific opportunity for students to step into next year's science curriculum which focuses on systems and the interdependence of organisms and objects in the ecosystem. The River Day grant will continue next year both in the classroom and outdoors at local river locations.

This was definitely a wonderful chance to learn in the outdoor classroom.