Saturday, November 24, 2012

Learning Design: Summer Study 2013

It's that time of year when teachers like me are really, really busy with the day-to-day life events at home and at school.  Hence, I'm starting a list of posts which I'll consider when I get a lengthy period of time for thought and reflections.  As the schedule stands now, that will probably occur next summer.  I'll return to this post each time I find a new post that I want to consider with depth at a later point.

Then this summer, I'll set aside a number of days alone or preferably with colleagues where we consider these posts with depth and with our current curriculum and school program.  I'll begin by rereading the posts and creating a list of essential questions.  Then I'll fill in the blanks to the essential questions determining where I can improve the curriculum program for students' benefit.  I will also create a side list of thoughts and suggestions related to change and growth for my school and school system.  This growing list of amazing posts by wonderful educators will serve to inspire and inform my inquiry. Please feel free to use these posts as well as you evaluate, revise and innovate the programs you facilitate and activate with student learning as the focus.

People, Posts and Blogs to Consider by Shira Leibowitz
A Space for Learning by Pam Moran
Forbes: Role of Social Learning
Science Standards and PD
New Tests
One Size Fits All? (Inquiry Based School)
George Couros: Leadership and Innovation
Four Critical Questions for Lesson Design
Three Professional Reads Worth Your Time
Learning Theories
Wiggins: Curriculum
School Program Design
Teaching Math
Rainbow Igloo
Inspiration for Innovation
Digital Literacy
GROW Coaching
Components of a "Learner-Centered" Learning Environment
Tech Sharing 
Math Manipulatives
Tech Integration Strategies
What Every Classroom Needs
Mind Maps
Next Generation Schools
The Achievement Gap
Tech for Best Effect
Essential Ingredients
Brain Work
Academic Research
Educon: A PD Model
Multiple Search Engines
Leadership Report
Brain Study
Learning Maps
iPad Integration
Common Core/Student-Centered Learning
Inspiring Godin Post
TED Reimagine Schools
Digital Literacy
Godin: Thoughts to apply to learning design.
Digital Pedagogy
Guided Inquiry
Guided Social Media
Teaching with the Common Core
Teaching Remix
Don't Forget the 4 C's
21st C Literacy
Green Screen
TED for Kids 
Explore Live Binders
Math Problems 
Writing Fiction
content that matters
Lynn Cherry - environmental awareness
Power My Learning
Brain Tips
Composing Digital Poetry
21st Century Learning Design Infographic
Gaming Can Save the World
New Tools
Online Research
Essential Questions
Unstoppable Learning
Professional Learning
Tacit Knowledge
Design Thinking
Make Things
What Will Become Obsolete
How Big is the Ocean (Ted Talks that Matter to Learning Design--specific and general)
Social Media
PBL Rubrics
Skills Students Need
Pedagogy Wheel

Tools to Investigate:

Schedule/Structural Change Ideas

Addition of a Recording Room or Studio in School.

Program Change Ideas
  • Creating a schedule of skill-based, small group pods and project base whole class teams and endeavor.
  • Greater hands-on invention and creation including the tools and space to foster this growth.
  • Change of grade-level rotations created with the collaboration of the grade-level team.
  • Balance of passive, skill-based online learning and more invigorating game and/or project based online learning.
  • Determining essential skills, best lessons for teaching those essential skills.
  • Revisiting broad unit topics, refining topics and revising, refining guiding websites and resources. 
Summer Study Outline
  • Put aside a few days to read and take notes.
  • Create a form w/essential points for curriculum plan, revision and share.
  • Share the points with PLN and school colleagues.
  • Apply the form to 2013-2014 school year planning and design
Chart to Lead Reading and Research